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How should I care for my essential oils?

Recently, we were approached with a sad story - someone had left their oils in the car on a very hot and sunny day. The oils didn't survive - they smelt so very different from what they should have, and the benefits were lost.

Keep your oils tightly shut, in the dark glass bottles we send them in, and in a cool (room temperature) and dark place. Needle and Citrus oils will last longer if kept in the refrigerator (not the freezer!). Excessive heat and cold will destroy your oils, as will leaving the bottle open.

Some of you travel with your oils and use them in many places and situations. We suggest getting a small insulated travel cooler for summertime use, and transporting your essential oils in that - put them in there when the cooler is cool. Try not to leave them in your car, and, if you must, put a small cold pack in the cooler, and be sure to cover the cooler with a towel or blanket so that the cooler doesn't get direct sun exposure.

For winter travel - you can use this rule of thumb - if it is cold enough to freeze water, it is way too cold to leave your oils in the car!


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