Featured Oil for December, 2011

Spruce Needle (Picea mariana)

On sale now and through February 2012


Ah…the fresh, crisp smell of the out of doors. For many this is a scent that brings back memories of sleigh rides, fireside evenings, family gatherings, good food, and Christmas trees.

Spruce needle – Black Spruce (Picea mariana) possesses a spirited and inspiring smell that brings the outdoors inside. It has an affinity for the entire respiratory system and encourages deep breathing while stimulating the immune system with a softer, sweeter scent than most other conifers. The antiviral, and anti-inflammatory qualities of Spruce needle essential oil helps prevent viral illnesses or recover from these challenges that frequently comes along with winter weather. It is an expectorant that also lowers stress and anxiety, and eases mental and physical exhaustion.

Spruce needle is a great gift when you need to recharge and re-inspire…to guide one from the dark of winter into the rebirth of spring. Robbi Zeck, author of The Blossoming Heart, says, “Spruce adds a depth of insight previously unknown and has the capacity to shift you from feelings of defeat to feeling refreshed and motivated.”

Historically, Spruce needle has been used in baths (6 to 8 drops with bath salts), in massage oils (10-12 drops in 1 ounce), and diffused into the air. It makes a delightful spritzer (4oz distilled water, 15 drops Spruce needle, 6 drops Cedarwood Atlas) – shake well before each use. *This oil can be a skin irritant, use carefully when applying to the skin. For more information, click here to see the Fact Sheet

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